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Estate Nomads
Estate & Moving Sales in Delaware

We believe hard work, honesty, loyalty, confidentiality, accountability, and understanding are what sets us apart from the masses.


Supporting Veterans

We’ll donate unsold items to local charities to support our Veterans. You’ll receive 100% of the tax benefits + receipts from every donation.


BBB Accredited Business A+ Rating

Accredited & Trusted by The Better Business Bureau. One of the few businesses in our industry who hold an A+ Rating.


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View our calendar of events for upcoming Estate Sales in Delaware.

To you Our Client,

We promise We will:

Provide the best service possible for every client and situation.

Always be completely honest and transparent and to operate with integrity.

Advise a seller about realistic pricing.

Never promise what cannot be realized.

Our recommendations are based on current market information and years of experience.

We are not willing to tell a client what they want to hear simply to secure their business.

In order to obtain the best results for you, we must have realistic goals.

For you, we will strive for excellence and conduct our business with Integrity.

We believe hard work, honesty, loyalty, confidentiality, accountability, and understanding are what sets us apart from the masses.

We measure our success by your satisfaction.

Supporting Our Veterans

We’ll donate unsold items to local charities to support our Veterans. You’ll receive 100% of the tax benefits + receipts from every donation.

Schedule a ConsultationItems That Cannot Be Donated

Frequently Asked Questions

What is an estate sale?

An estate sale is the sale (also sometimes called liquidation) of the personal property from an individual’s home. In brief, Estate Nomads converts an individual’s home into our retail establishment. Once the house is setup and priced, the sale will open on the day and time advertised. All items are available from the time the sale opens. Realize that all items are priced fairly from the beginning to the best of our team’s ability. So, if you see something you like, pay the cashier and take it home.

Why should I have an estate sale on site?

An onsite sale offers the convenience of not having to pack and move items. Our staff will oversee the liquidation of all the items to be sold and we bring in the collectors, dealers, and buyers directly to the sale. All items are inventoried in our custom database. When the sale is complete a computer-generated report reflects the items sold, what they sold for and the total dollar amount of the sale, less our fee.

Why should I hire Estate Nomads? Can’t I do the job myself?

Estate Nomads staff is trained and knowledgeable in antiques, vintage clothing, fine and custom jewelry, silver, china, crystal and household items.

Where do estate sales occur and where can I find them?

Estate sales take place in private homes under the supervision of a professional company, like Estate Nomads. Our immediately upcoming events are available on the page. You can also find out about upcoming events on various estate sale consolidator sites, like EstateSales.NET .

What advertising will be done?

We always place an advertisement in the local newspapers and advertise online at EstateSales.NET. Large professional signs are placed strategically to direct customers to the sale. All sales are listed on our web site on the home page and under the sales section.

What things can be sold at an estate sale?

Antiques, art, books, bric-a-brac, china, collectibles, designer and vintage clothing, electronics, furniture, jewelry, kitchenware, rugs, tools, and silver. Everything in your home from A to Z.

When are estate sales usually done?

The sale itself is conducted on one weekend, often Friday & Saturday or Saturday & Sunday (or one day only), 9am to 4pm. Sign-up sheet is available at 12pm on Thursday or Friday. If it’s a one day only sale, sign-up sheet is available at 8am.

When items cannot be donated?

Estate Nomads will donate unsold items from your estate sale and give the donation amount back to our customers for a tax write-off. Unfortunately, not all items are able to be donated.

This is our list of items that cannot be donated from your estate sale managed by us, in Delaware. View the entire list here >

What do you do to protect my property?

All small valuable items are collected and displayed in jewelry cases and a staff member is assigned to watch the items. A sales slip is given to the customer, once it’s been stamped paid, then the item is released to the buyer. A staff member is assigned at the door to verify items purchased with the receipt and larger items are taken out of another exit to ensure no damage is done to the home. All customers enter and exit through one main entrance. We use wireless cameras to record all activity inside and outside the home.

How do you manage the crowds of customers?

To manage the flow of hundreds of customers that come to the estate sales, sign-up sheets are set up at noon (12:00pm) on Thursday or Friday prior to the Friday or Saturday start date or at 8:00am on one-day-only sales. The size of the house dictates how many people are allowed in at one time, but as the traffic settles down later in the day, we no longer use the sign-up sheet for admission.

What do you do with items that do not sell?

After the public sale, with the consent of the owner, we can bring in dealers who will buy at discounted prices. Usable items can be picked up for donation to charity and their suggested values can be listed for deduction on the client’s income tax return.

How can I have some control on pricing?

An owner can place a minimum price for an item you feel can sell at a particular price, but this needs to be done before Estate Nomads invests time in researching the item or promoting its sale. It is best to attach a list of the desired minimum prices to the contract before it is signed.

Do we have to sign a contract?

Our contract is brief and non-threatening. We feel it is best to state in simple terms just what will be done and have this understood and agreed upon in writing before we start work. We will go over the contract with you and answer any questions you may have, ensuring your sale is a great success and you are pleased with our service.

What should I do to prepare for an estate sale?

Keep in mind the following when preparing for the sale:

  • Decide which items will not be sold and remove or secure these items before the work begins.
  • Remember an estate sale involves the whole house, Estate Nomads needs time to plan, arrange and display all sale items from the beginning.
  • Beware that, if the sale is in apartment or condominium, we must comply with the applicable regulations.
  • Do not throw anything away. You may be surprised at the value of discarded items.
  • If the home is vacant, you will need an Active Homeowners Insurance. Estate Nomads can direct you where to get a Temporary Homeowners Insurance Coverage. If this cannot be done Estate Nomads will only hold an online auction.


Ask The Same Questions
Make a list of questions to ask each company. That way you are comparing apples to apples. They may have a brochure or something they can send you in the mail. Here are some questions you may want to consider asking:

  • How many days do you think it will take to set up?
  • What is your commission?
  • Are there fees besides your commission?
  • Do you have insurance? What types?
  • How long after the sale will I be paid?
  • Do you have an appraiser on staff or access to one?
  • How many people do you generally have staffed for a sale like mine?
  • How will my home be left? Broom Clean, Empty, etc.
  • Do you or your employees buy items?
  • Do you have a contract?
  • Do you pre-sell or allow people early entry?
  • How many days will the sale itself be?
  • When would you be able to do the sale (dates and times)?

I heard about estate sales from a friend but have never attended one. What is the process, how do we attend and what can I expect?

  •  Where do estate sales occur and where can I find them? Estate sales take place in private homes under the supervision of a professional company, like Estate Nomads. Our immediately upcoming events are available on the page. You can also find out about upcoming events on various estate sale consolidator sites, like  EstateSales.NET.


  •  Is there a process for gaining access to an estate sale? 

If we have a significant volume of items in showcases, like a coin collection, we may issue access numbers for that area of the sale until the initial opening rush is past. This will be announced by the manager at the opening of the sale.

  • How are items priced? 

Estate Nomads has a team who price the items at our estate sales. Our goal is fair pricing. We want our shopping customers to get a fair deal on great items and our clients to receive fair return on their possessions. Basically, you can count on most items to be priced at fair market value. Our goal is to start every item as a good deal, but fair to the seller.

Because we have such a large volume of ever-changing inventory, and because we are often working right up until opening, Estate Nomads does not, with the occasional exception, provide pricing in advance of an event.


When can purchased items to be removed from the estate sale venue? 

Items can be taken home as soon as you’ve paid the cashier. In fact, we prefer it that way! Once you’ve made a purchase, you own it. If you leave it in the house, we will do our best to keep it safe and make sure it is clearly marked sold but are not responsible for the item other than to ensure it is there when you come to get it.


 Is there someone available to help move my purchases? 

We have limited lifting help available on-site at the sale but have a list of qualified movers for hire available, so please bring your own manpower and an appropriate vehicle to remove your purchases. Our on-site staff will help, time permitting and within their lifting abilities, if possible and at the manager’s discretion. Estate Nomads accepts no liability related to moving purchased articles if we do have the time and manpower available to help.

NEW ONLINE FORMAT due to COVID-19 as well as unstable fuel prices. We have found that our customers love this way of shopping as estate sale regardless. No waking up early, no waiting in line, no wondering what items will be priced at, no worrying if its worth the drive – just BID FROM HOME & PICK-UP at a specified date.

Our online method is simple, yet highly effective.

1. We first search the entire estate for merchandise which will be featured for sale in an online auction format.
2. We professionally photograph, measure & describe items for sale for shoppers to view on their computer.
3. The auction starts at runs several days during the week ending on Thursday Eve.
4. Purchases are then organized by customer for a safe, efficient, one day pick-up limiting traffic inside the home.
5. Any low value items not offered for online sale will be staged in a garage or basement for in person “side household sale” during pick-up day.
6. Client receives payment and a computer-generated accounting of sales for all purchases with 72 hours of pick-up day.
7. We then recommend a third-party hauling service who will remove any unsold items and broom clean the entire home, garage, and outbuildings.


To effectively do a thorough job and maximize value of your estate we need sole access to the property 2-3 weeks before the sale will begin and another week following the sale for the clean-out crew. Good things take time – CALL TODAY!

Are you licensed & insured?

We provide copies of all documents required by the State of Delaware to conduct your sale. If a company can show you ALL of the below documents – they are allowed to conduct your sale. Although you may hear different, we are a very regulated industry and lack of compliance is enforced.
Lack of compliance with any of the above regulations risk your sale being shut down in progress – enforcement is always ongoing. Can you afford to risk rescheduling your sale a few months due to hiring an estate company which is not in compliance?
In addition to these laws, Estate Nomads requires all our clients to have Active Homeowners Insurance where the liquidation will occur. In addition, we also carry a Large Liability Policy thru Loyds of LondonInsurance to further protect you.

Record Keeping & Transparency : Be sure to ask your company if they will provide you with a COMPLETE list of items sold from your estate. We list every transaction that occurs for both our online AND on-site sales. Many companies provide realized prices for just larger value items (furniture, jewelry, art etc.). Don’t be fooled by this method – a large portion of your estate’s value is in common household items – they add up and should ALL be accounted for. Our sales logs list everything sold as trivial as staplers, snow shovels, books, screwdrivers, Tupperware, even house plants etc. – it’s all part of the estate.

What forms of payment will you accept during the sale?

Estate Nomads accepts cash, debit cards, and credit cards that meet our requirements. Credit & Debit Card purchases will make-up a very large part of each sales total purchases. Any company that does not take plastic will have a significant, negative impact on the sales total.

Can the family members of the estate be present during the sale?

Estate Nomads understands it is human nature for family members to have emotional attachments to items in the estate and want to give suggestions on how we should conduct the sale. Often, they even would like to be present during the set-up and sale of the liquidation. For us to do a professional job and maximize profits for the sale, we require our clients to fully entrust our background, knowledge, and experience and let us handle everything from start to finish. We can assure you, for every concern you have, we are thinking about ten times as many issues regarding the procedures necessary to make your sale a success. Call, e-mail, or text us anytime – once we are under contract, we are thinking of nothing but how we can better take all the burden off you!

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